Our Philosophy
Do Well – Do Good.  Forge Long-term Relationships.  Innovate. Think Creatively. Build Community.  Lead.

We believe mission & purpose are a competitive advantage. The more we focus on purpose, the more money we make.   

We work with clients to accelerate adoption and firmly embed “triple bottom line” principles as a core part of any real estate investment strategy and decision making process. What distinguishes us is a proactive intent to deploy capital that generates risk adjusted market rate returns while creating social and/or environmental value.

Taking a people-centered approach to real estate investment and advisory services, we integrate mission with cutting edge technology and building practice to protect the natural environment and support healthy buildings and vibrant communities.  In our experience, wealth generation for all stakeholders creates a more durable investment and robust economic returns.  Any time we invest our capital, our time, our energy, we have an impact of some nature.  We want to be sure our impact, our efforts, align with our values.  

We have deep experience in real estate finance and property development. Our clients believe philanthropy and government intervention alone cannot solve the primary challenges we face - energy and water shortages, climate change, disparities in social equity and community health and vibrancy.  Working with our clients, we channel investment capital to address these and other challenges.  We look at  solutions through an investor lens. The more you lift people up, protect the environment and invest in solutions that look to the future, the stronger the returns.  Wise environmental choices, such as energy and water efficiency, smart technology,  deep engagement and a thoughtful approach to community and people all create market value.  It is a win-win for all. 

By consciously choosing to invest in ways that make our communities better, save energy and water, build healthy buildings - we reduce risk and enhance returns.  Not bad for a days work.

HaydenTanner, cultivates practical solutions and strategies to accelerate the emergence of resilient buildings and vibrant, sustainable cities. Our  work centers on game changing innovation – innovation that will change how we live and work and the resources we use.   

Utilizing a systems approach, the company focuses on identifying future trends in order to recognize technological and cultural shifts, as well as new patterns that can dynamically alter markets. As these themes are charted, risks are proactively managed with an eye on the big picture and the bottom-line.  

Through thoughtful questions, intuitive listening and active partnering, the team crafts bold and creative solutions to enhance resiliency, community vibrancy and livability while meeting economic objectives.  

HaydenTanner’s work is multi-faceted, incorporating real estate, economics, human-behavior, policy, strategy and finance. Projects span residential, suburban office, urban mixed use and diverse land development. The firm is committed to generating positive change, not just internally, but at a global level as well.  

I have always been impressed by your professional approach...
— F.B., Executive Vice President, U.S. Based REIT

Our Story

Molly McCabe is a pioneer in the field of finance & sustainability. Through her company HaydenTanner, she acts as a management consultant and strategic advisor to Investors, Developers, NGOs, governmental agencies and global organizations.   

With more than 25 years of experience in commercial real estate, finance, and business consulting, she is a groundbreaker in the monetization of resource efficiency. Molly has a comprehensive and quantitative understanding of the triple bottom line. 

She is the author of the book Practical Greening: The Bottom Line on Sustainable Property Development, Investment and Financing. She is also responsible for a number of cutting-edge research reports.  

A trained mediator and business coach, she is the Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI's) Responsible Property Investment Council and sits on the Advisory Board for its Center for Sustainability and Economic Prosperity.   She is an instructor at the Boston Architectural College, and a Research Fellow for the Responsible Property Investing Center. She has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California at Davis and a MBA from the University of San Francisco. Before starting HaydenTanner, she spent several years in banking, real estate, and corporate finance. Originally from San Francisco, she now lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you. Your work paid off in spades.
— - L.T., Managing Director, Major Investment Bank
Molly’s immediacy in considering solutions or steps to move forward is very well suited to us.
— SVP, Major U.S. Based Financial Institution