Photograph by R.MW


Alchemy is the magical process of transformation, creation or combination. It is how we put the pieces together to create competitive and durable market-rate returns.

When we look around and see examples in our world of chaos and destruction, it’s easy to lose faith and believe momentarily that we’re living in a world we would rather not be a part of.  But if we soften our gaze, we can see that the destruction is simply the current alchemical circumstance, or change agent, and it is reflecting the process of rapid transformation and renewal.  The element of fire (which represents change) destroys what was to create an empty space for what can be, what will be, what’s to come…and what already exists in the higher dimensions all around us.  All dimensions and timelines already exist, we’re awakening through the dense fog to let go of the old vision and allow for the greater manifestation to come into focus.