"Though buildings and land remain physical assets,

fundamentally they are framed in the context of community and region”


HaydenTanner, is a strategic real estate advisory firm focused on accelerating impact investment & sustainability in the built environment. We have deep experience in real estate finance and property development.  The firm guides its clients across the ever-changing business landscape towards profit and sustainability. We maximize financial returns by helping corporations, nonprofits, financial institutions and government agencies invest in sustainability and energy efficiency. We also steer our clients past the hidden dangers and pitfalls of the “Green Revolution.” 

When you work with us, we leverage your resources and core skills.  We offer disciplined problem solving, innovative solutions and the organizational capacity to execute your vision.  We also develop strategies tailored specifically to your individual needs and strategic vision. Our proven expertise in sustainability, efficiency, real estate finance and corporate communications will improve your bottom line. 

In our real estate practice, we provide sustainable property strategies, marketing plans and financial analysis. 

 Our clients believe philanthropy and government intervention alone cannot solve the primary challenges we face - energy and water shortages, climate change, disparities in social equity and community health and vibrancy.   Working with our clients, we believe we can channel investment capital to address these and other challenges.  We look at  solutions through an investor lens. The more you lift people up, protect the environment and invest in solutions that look to the future, the stronger the returns.  Wise environmental choices, such as energy and water efficiency, smart technology,  deep engagement and a thoughtful approach to community and people all create market value.  It is a win-win for all. 

By consciously choosing to invest in ways that make our communities better, save energy and water, build healthy buildings - we reduce risk and enhance returns.  Not bad for a days work. HaydenTanner is the edge you need to excel in a rapidly changing business environment.